Enjoy the life you want today. Plan for the future you want tomorrow.

The first step is a financial security plan with the right advice.

Households with a plan are more likely to:

Have enough money to live the life they want (61% compared to 31% with no financial plan)

Be able to take an annual vacation (74% compared to 44% with no financial plan). Have enough money for splurges (65% compared to 31% with no financial plan)

It doesn’t “just happen.” But it does happen if you have the right plan and support.

Start living the life you want and prepare for the life you dream of.

The Financial Planning Standards Council, The Value of Financial Planning, 2012

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Alexander Potter

Financial Security Advisor
Investment Representative

I understand your goals and dreams are as individual as you are. Whether you're starting a new family, preparing for retirement, or running a business, I will work with you or your business to build the customized financial security plan that best fits your needs, helps you manage risk and brings your goals within reach through an integrated planning process. After evaluating your needs, investment comfort level and life stage, I will recommend those products and services that best help you achieve these goals. Through comprehensive analysis, in-depth market research and the support of a team of highly-qualified tax and product specialists, I will help you make sense of your options.

Make saving simple – Canada Life

Setting up automatic contributions can make saving simple and potentially help you reach your long-term investment goals sooner.


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Narrator: Saving for something?

Description: Camera zooms out to reveal a single-storey house with a “For sale” sign.

Narrator: Well, to reach your goal sooner,

Description: A calendar enters the frame.

Narrator: Simply set up an automatic contribution,

Description: Money is invested on the 3rd and 17th day of each month.

Narrator: Choose your amount and how often you want to save it.

Description: The same amount is the next month.

Narrator: Your money flows easily into your savings,

Description: The pattern repeats every month.

Narrator: Is invested right away.

Description: Return to the house.

Narrator: And with compounding, could grow more and more.

Description: A “Sold” sticker covers the “For sale” sign.

Narrator: So don’t put it off.

Description: A second storey, garage and landscaping are added to house.

Narrator: Because who wants to play catch up?

Description: A car drives into the garage.

Narrator: Save early, save often.

Description: The frame splits in half – with the house on the left side and “Save early, save often” appears on the right.

Narrator: Learn more at canadalife.com.

Description: Frame fades to reveal “Learn more at canadalife.com” with Canada Life logo and legal line: Canada Life and design are trademarks of The Canada Life Assurance Company.